Friday, March 26, 2010

i think when it comes to zazzle choosing their TBAs

they make the decision based on the following 3 questions -
a) what is the gayest design put out today?
b) what is the most disneyfied design put out today?
c) what is the lamest, cutesy, bullshit design put out today?

everyone in forums falls all over themselves to post a tba in show and tell and then every single zazzle pro seller has to give them props along the lines of "wow amazing just purely amazing the most beautiful image i've ever seen in my entire life. why, with an image like that, you could feed all the starving children, save the economy and cure cancer!!!!"

no, you can't cure cancer with that design, it's a chinsy butterfly-ey puppy dog-ey little baby-ey or cute kid-ey disney design, either that or it's a wedding invitation or stamp with some religious icon on it

fuck that

there are very very few tbas that are the best at anything. /end rant

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