Thursday, March 18, 2010

Star Wars

I guess I could be considered a big star wars fan. George Lucas is pretty brilliant, and deserves all the success he has. I wonder what kind of vices a guy like that has? what kind of addiction to what various thing would a guy who could afford anything he wants any time he wants have? food? fast cars? chocolate? beer? vintage pron? cocaine? mass orgies where everyone is dressed up as star wars characters? but all kidding aside, I also wish he would make more movies.

If you like Star Wars, check out this guy's gallery. Because he's the only guy on zazzle that has permission to make star wars products, and frankly that kinda sickens me (luckyyyyyyyy), but at the same time fills me with delight because this stuff is actually pretty awesome.

Star Wars Rock Band Poster

Visit The Ice Caves Of Hoth

Stormtroopers Watch Your Aim

A New Hope

Death Star: Too Big To Fail

Darth Vadar World's Best Dad

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