Thursday, March 18, 2010

Why? I Don't Know

This freaking guy got mentioned on the news and his shit just blew up. Maybe slowing down now but still i'm seeing 433 views today. This super hero obama stuff must be popular amongst 13-year-olds or something. frankly i think it looks like commercialized bullshit.

Homeland Security

speaking of commercialized bullshit, here's some of my obama stuff =P

Impeach Blue

Impeach Red

Impeach Transparent choose your own background color!

and 5 other colors.

Take his threats of joining the new world order and cap and trade tax (a tax on carbon, which is everything) for what they are - Threats. Doing either of these threatens the sovereignty of our nation, which is high treason according to a little thing called the constitution. Therefore, impeachment is necessary to remove this threat.

I'm not saying republicans are better. Enough with the duopoly bullshit. If somebody says something bad about the government, they must be a republican because a democrat is in office. wtf? there is no right, there is no left. they are all like best friends. sure, they fight up and down the isles in congress. but then they go out for drinks later that evening. the obama administration is just an extension of the bush administration. there will be no Change. this shit is going to keep going on and on and on. guess what - they're gonna do the same thing that they did with Bush to Obama on the next election. By 2012, everything will be so terrible that everyone will be hating on democrats, so a republican will get voted into office who promises all kinds of change. and the cycle will continue. no change. we need a new system.

to black people, or anyone, who plays the race card when somebody says something bad about obama - he's only about 10% black. He's mostly Arabian in heritage. so fuck off with that shit. could it be possible that naysayers dislike him because of his political agenda rather than his pigment?

they are on a huge domestic terrorism kick right now, trying to label free thinkers and 'conspiracy theorists' as terrorists. i guess because Stack flew his plane into the IRS building, now everyone who disapproves of the government is going to get a plane and fly it into a building. watch as they try to take our rights to bare arms and freedom of speech away over the next year. watch closely. watch as they try to regulate the internet - internet ID cards anyone? where you have to enter your ID info every time you log on. how about we just inject you with a RFID chip (a microscopic chip that was actually perfected in Japan last year), so we can keep track of everything you do and everywhere you go and record your personal life to great detail. How does that sound? We just want to keep you safe....

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