Friday, March 19, 2010

I'm on facebook way too much

wtf? i didn't even care about facebook a year ago. i didn't even get serious until like 4 or 5 months ago. but now i am addicted. i catch myself going there all the time, just searching for things to comment on, or posting things of my own.

i recently thought it would be funny for a skit if a person broke down crying because they had no friends on facebook. like they just started balling and kept saying over and over again "I have no friends.." and then "I only have 58 friends. This kitten has 2 million friends. this pickle has more fans than nickelback, and nickelback has 1 million friends, so not only does nickelback have more friends than me, but this pickle does to with 1.4 million friends, that's like 1.4 million more friends than i have"

I really thought that the Can this pickle get more friends than nickelback campaign was funny btw. good job whoever did that. the pics in their gallery all consist of the lead singer holding a pickle and other funny stuff. reminded me of 4chan pictures. I even made this: Quantum Pickle for them =P

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